Not all stress is bad

Stress isn’t always bad. A little bit of stress can help us meet demanding deadlines, rise to new challenges, and stay focused on the task at hand.

Some degree of stress is actually healthy.  It helps us stay alert, avoid accidents, think ahead, and keep us on our toes.

However, nowadays, especially at workplaces, stress is the leading factor that causes emotional and mental breakdowns. Ever-increasing demands, long working hours, hectic workdays, tight demands, and competition, leave people feeling emotionally drained, worries, stressed and depressed.

This kind of unhealthy stress can many psychologically as well as physical side effects. It can cause damage to our body and mind and consequently also interfere with our interpersonal relationships and families.

Although you can’t absolutely control everything at work, there are things you can control and do in order to help yourself from being burnt out.


When work stress affects your performance, your ability to successfully carry out tasks, and your relationships with your colleagues then it’s time to take charge of this situation and reach out for help.

Some of the causes of unhealthy stress at work are:


One-to-one sessions

Resolve past trauma and current problematic areas, learn new ways to deal with anxiety and stress, and find alternative, healthier behavioral patterns


Walking Therapy

Come walk with me in beautiful forests and on green paths and get cardio exercise while looking after your mental health.


Online Therapy

Connect with me from the comfort of your own home and book sessions that fit your schedule and lifestyle.


Life Coaching

Through personal coaching, we will focus on personal and professional development. I will help you achieve goals and specific life outcomes.

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Work shouldn't hurt

We usually connect bullying with children and schools. However, workplace bullying is more common than you think and many people end up leaving their jobs rather than speaking up. Being bullied at work is a terrible experience and causes long-lasting feelings of stress, anxiety, low self-worth, and depression.

If have you been or currently are a victim of workplace bullying, reach out for support. Let me help you deal with the side effects of bullying and establish a plan of action.

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Improve Your Interpersonal SKills

Reduce work-related stress by building on your skills, creating satisfactory work relationships and speaking up against work bullying.

Free Consultation

The initial consultation lasts 30 minutes and aims towards making this first contact and discussing the issues that concern you the most.

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Choose the available time and date that best suits your timetable and let me help you towards clarity, balance, and emotional health.

Walking Therapy

Come walking with me and enjoy nature and green, sunny paths while looking after your mental health!